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Driving Forces:


Sustainable Business Systems is driven by its business mission, vision and values. We are happy to share those with you here, as this will help you to see what we are about and how we conduct our business. You will then be in a better position to assess how well aligned our businesses are for working together to bring you greater success.



Business Mission:


Our mission is to foster a new  generation of sustainability leaders who strive to:

  • create thriving businesses for a better world
  • provide benefits for all stakeholders in ways that advance sound economic development, environmental regeneration and social stewardship
  • unite people working toward the common goals of sustainability and profitability. 



Business Vision:


Our business vision is to assist business leaders in:
Building Foundations for Sustainable Growth - One Choice at a Time

We empower leaders who want to ensure a sustainable future for their organization, but need answers to daunting leadership questions raised by integrating practices of environmental stewardship and community support with core profitability strategies. Our programs help you build solid sustainability leadership practices to drive the growth of your triple bottom line.

Our exemplary leadership services and tools:

  • Support business leaders in being their greatest – artists in their fields – designing new paradigms where social consciousness and profitability can thrive together
  • Assist leaders to be in harmony with their own vision, purpose, values and strengths, sensing an inner peace and love of self for who they are and what they bring to the world 
  • Facilitate the enrollment of self-leaders who step up to the plate of responsibility, applying their strengths, wisdom and dedication for the benefit of all
  • Help develop the next generation of leadership teams, groups with a unified vision and set of core values all can bring to their common, dedicated effort.
  • Empower acknowledged leaders to exceed the wildest expectations of themselves, creating a positive impact on their business and the world 
  • Seed leadership collaboration, to exponentially increase these affects
  • Develop a generation of “new-leaders”, who extend the arms of peace in the world through the development of thriving, conscientious businesses that unite people throgh the common goal of sustainability.
  • Bring out the leader in everyone to achieve the level of excellence they desire


Core Business Values:


Integrity, Partnership, Delivering value to customers, Sustainability, Innovation, Collaboration, Leveraging Strengths, and Leadership by example