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A Thank You from Dolphin Quest:

Lynn's Dolphin Encounter - What a treat!




Here is what some of  our clients have to say:


Lynn has been a 'member' of my professional support team for over 7 years, helping to grow this business. As a business owner, her support has given me the ability to hone in on a pressing issue, dissect it, work it through within my paradigm, and come up with a strategic solution. Through this relationship I've also gained a sense of:

·        Accountability – self-imposed deadlines “stick” because of this relationship

·        Priority – helps me see the right things to put my energy into

·        Continuity – reminds me of the demons already dealt with that we don’t have to revisit

·        Safety – a place to fearlessly express raw emotions and thoughts without judgment.

This business is already very strong in its environmental and social stewardship. Lynn is helping to hone its economic model for it to thrive"

 --Barbara McNichol, Barbara McNichol Editorial


Group Coaching:

Lynn’s group coaching for the Dolphin Quest Management team facilitated leadership and exposed professional development opportunities for the team.  Her approach was straightforward, open and thought provoking to give each leader the chance to develop as an individual while making a more cohesive team.

Personal coaching:

Lynn’s one on one coaching provided valuable insight into my leadership style.  She encouraged my growth and development by provoking in depth and candid discussions and supplied new technical skills to be a more effective coach myself."

--Michelle Campbell, Director of Marine Animals,  Dolphin Quest


Running your own business is stressful and lonely. The remedy for me on both fronts has been Lynn's involvement in my business. Her creative ideas, her persistence in holding me to commitments, and her knowledgeable compassion has made a marked difference. My little company has been successfully delivering skill-development programs for over 20 years, but Lynn's guidance has enabled us to have a complete rebirth. Her enthusiasm and drive is infectious and whatever future success I attain, Lynn will own a piece of it.

--Timothy L. Johnson, Communication Patterns, Inc., Connecticut, USA


I have been a client of this company under its former name, Green Business Coaching, and now, Sustainable Business Systems. The leadership coaching I received from Lynn was a great, fun, and rewarding  experience.  She is wonderful and I hope the world knows it.

 --M. Larsen, President of the Board,  - Arizona


Two years ago I found myself in a position of leadership without the tools or the perspective to be as effective as I desired. I considered myself an average guy in over my head with too many important projects and not enough time. 

I had never been a chairman of a board, but I thought I had a passion for this position with this non-profit organization, with fiduciary responsibilities to its members in managing over 2 million dollars in assets to maintain the local roads . Little did I know what I was getting into. Sustainable Business Systems helped me define my role in a way that I could use my core strengths to execute my leadership. Well intentioned people do not always agree on how to get things done. I learned how to set expectations, disarm confrontation, and move business forward. 

 --L. Heck, President of the Board, HOVE Road Corp.


When I began working with Lynn, my path to take my business to the next level was anything but clear! As I researched, made notes, scribbled ideas in the middle of the night, and juggled 1,000 different thoughts, Lynn helped me identify and clarify key ideas. These congealed into my brand and a high-level business plan. Lynn is an excellent sounding board, and our regular coaching calls helped me stay focused, motivated, and on track. A bonus in working with Lynn is that we often unearthed an issue lurking just under the surface and immediately addressed it, so we could 'take it off the table' and move on.

 --Patrice Rhoades-Baum, Marketing Consultant &   Copywriter, www.BrandingandWebsites.com


Lynn VanLeeuwen is a devoted listener who has been able to pinpoint resourceful solutions to many of my lifelong organizational dilemmas. More importantly, in the last two years since meeting with Lynn, she’s helped me reach goals I never considered an “average guy” could reach. My businesses, New Fields Nursery and New Fields Art Publication have more than doubled my expected profit since taking advantage of Lynn’s coaching skills. 

                -- Owner, New Fields Nursury


(While conducting our board retreat) Lynn’s skills as facilitator proved to be invaluable. Her ability to keep the group focused, attentive, involved and forward moving were wonderful.   Lynn easily commanded input and was able to keep the tempo of the day moving forward, yet not leave important items unresolved. All participants were engaged and offered valuable input, without feeling ‘challenged.’

As a follow-up, since that Board Retreat, our Board meetings have become more interactive.  I am noticing more open communication between members, more discussion involving differing opinions and as a result, more of a buy-in from the Board for decisions made.

I thank Lynn for her skills and direction for our team.”

-- C. Crawford, President, Kona-Kohala Chamber      of Commerce


I would like to share something with you that I think would benefit you as well. Such an interesting thing has happened in the last few months; for the first time in many, many years I have actually had time to think and be, rather than just do.  I have had time to organize, clean out, enjoy my commitments and even be a little creative. It’s been great!

For so long I had been so committed I had not been able to enjoy fully what I had been doing. I even had to get a night guard for my teeth grinding at night.   But I am feeling so much better now. I totally attribute my new found peace to my time spent with my executive coach, Lynn VanLeeuwen, co-creating my very efficient organizational system that is in place and learning to implement the tools I received.

 --S. Jacob – Texas



I had taken a Strengths Finder test earlier but didn't understand how the strengths revealed by  that test affect my life and how to incorporate them in my thinking and activities.  (Lynn) showed me the way.  She helped raise my awareness of my need to delegate more and become more effective.  
As a result of working with Lynn, my self confidence improved at the ripe old age of 72. I found Lynn to be patient but firm to help me improve.  She is a good listener and picks up on "real" issues.  Throughout, I felt she had my best interest at heart.  She is a good, effective coach." 


 --J. Westbrook - New Mexico


Thank you again for the wonderful coaching experience.  I wasn’t very easy on you in that I really chose a big issue – it’s something that I’ve struggled with my entire adult life.  I never really let things get too far out of hand, but find I continually sabotage my success.  Your great questions along with your patience and timing allowed me to dig deep into some very limiting beliefs which ultimately minimize any success I might have.  You’re very intuitive and I truly appreciated your support along the way.

 --S. Bock - British Columbia