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Here are a couple of Lynn's recent paintings inspired by her love of Hawaii's natural environment and desire to spread that passion to others.

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About Lynn

Lynn VanLeeuwen, ME, MSATPC brings a visionary passion for sustainability to a career-long systems approach to business success. From her master's work at Harvard in Business Management and Computer Systems, to more than 20 years as a management design specialist and Wall Street consultant, Lynn's powerful business skills are a perfect match for her current business focus. She helps  build sustainable companies by providing leadership tools and executive coaching. A consummate designer of possibilities, Lynn helps business executives and their companies accelerate and maintain profitability through sustainable leadership practices and systems.

Lynn is the Founding Principal of Sustainable Business Systems. She developed this company to help business leaders hone their leadership practices to drive the growth of their triple bottom line.

Focused on fostering business and world sustainability simultaneously, her book, The Green CEOdelivers the framework for making it all come together.


On The Personal Side

You may wonder why Lynn does what she does with such passion and commitment. Lynn feels her whole life has given her the perspective and experience to move her along an integrated journey to serve sustainable business leaders.

Her passionate connection to the earth was seeded in her family camping vacations to York, Maine, starting at the age of 3, where her father taught her respect and love for mother nature. At Northeastern University, this math major was also drawn to study her passions of environmental sciences and art. But her career led her into business modeling, using her ardent puzzle solving capabilities while learning the needs of business leaders. Intrigued with this modeling, she decided to take it higher into business organizations to support key decision making. After receiving  her degrees from Harvard, she signed on with a large D.C. based consulting firm. This firm career culminated on Wall Street in the development of a concise banking model, which earned her VP client a double promotion.  After New York, Lynn felt a need to reconnect with nature by travelling around the world by bicycle. Later she joined the Peace Corp to gain fulfillment from public service. Her background led her to an atypical Peace Corp. tour of duty. She was assigned to HRH, the Crown Prince of Tonga, now King, to automate his office. This was the start of combining a "triple-based" life for Lynn, living close to the environment in the islands, serving the community, and yet, in a sense, still modeling for a key decision maker, responsible for the development of his country.

While in the Peace Corps Lynn met her husband. After her service, they spent a two year romantic South Pacific honeymoon on Randy's yacht, Te Amo. The experience brought them even closer to the environment, living sustainably as they sailed remote island locations of the South Pacific

During the twelve years following, Lynn's immersion in small business ventures with her husband gave her valuable experience in translating large corporate best practices to a small business environment, key to the work she does today. At the same time, she received accredited professional training in the new field of business coaching, which she feels is a more holistic approach to assisting businesses through exploration and collaboration. She now combines the best of consulting and coaching.

In 2004 Lynn and Randy set out to  live "life by design" and moved to Hawai'i, feeling very connected to the importance of sustainability to its natural environment and  ocean they love. From there, Lynn is sustainably connected to her clients offices using eco-video conferencing. Lynn has brought all her experience and skills together to support business leaders of small-to-medium-sized businesses, engaging in environmental and social stewardship, with tools and programs for sustainable business leadership. This has culminated in the company's signature program, Systainership™. You may learn all about this leading edge program here.