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Conferences and workshops are a great way to collaborate on learning, gaining expertise from diverse perspectives while creating opportunities to partner for attaining new heights of success.



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Sustainability Leadership Events 


Recommended Virtual Events:


Green Biz Verge Virtual Conference

This conference will look at the convergence of energy, information, building and vehicle technological innovation. Physical host loactions are San Francisco, Shanghai and London, all brought to you virtually. Main evnet is June 22, 8:00AM PDT. Check scheule for pre-events. Discover the impact of new opportunities and strategies for your company. Go here for full details. 


The Enlightened Business Summit


These 40 top-tier CEOs, bestselling authors, and visionaries, have shared  their most important insights for free at


Some you may recognize include NY Times bestselling authors Tim Ferriss, Tony Hsieh, and Tony Schwartz, plus CEOs John Mackey of Whole Foods and George Zimmer of Men’s Wearhouse. Over 14,000 have registered for this event to gain insight from these leaders. Continually available.




Recommended In-Person, Live Events:


Annual Lohas Forum

From June 22-24th in Boulder, CO, "learn how business, media and entertainment can be leveraged to educate, shape and influence consumer behavior and purchasing decisions while promoting your business". This conference is always well received by participants and highlights latest purchasing trends. For details, go to there website here.