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Thrive and let your leadership flow to meet the changing needs of your company. We can help you lead your company down the right path to grow your business with triple-based profitability. We can also help you:

  • Determine what sustainability means for your business
  • Help you gain focus to achieve your triple-based profitability goals
  • Gain collaborative support of all stakeholders
  • Leverage your resources to meet your goals
  • Learn how to embrace change for growth

Take a look at our services to see which delivery mode of these benefits works best for you. Or you can use the links below and let us know any specific needs you have and we can help you come up with a strategy.


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What we bring to the plate


Our Expertise

Our services and tools marry consulting, coaching, facilitation, and masterminding seemlessly, giving you the combined benefits of all these areas of expertise. Through our  collaborative approach, you may pull in experts from your own industry, or gain a wider perspective from experts outside your industry. All our processes are fully participatory, giving you the opportunity to gain your own experience and apply new insights as you progress. We believe you are the true expert on how to lead your business, and our goal is to bring out the best in you.


Our Impact

We feel the best way to describe the impact we can have for your company is to show you examples of what we have done for others. Below are a few case studies which briefly describe the client's issue, what our approach was to help them, and the results. You may not see your business "in" any of these cases, but they will give you an idea of the wide variety of approaches we have in working with our clients. To get more specific information on how we can help your business, feel free to contact us to let us know what your issues are and learn specific approaches we can use to help you.


Case Study 1


How organization and systemization can help grow a business.




When we  first started working with this young editing firm its people were overwhelmed with having promised too many manuscript edits for the upcoming allotted timeframe. The overarching driver was that business was hard to come by, so you said yes to whatever the client wanted. They saw this as their reality and were stressed out trying to live with it and make a profit.


Our Approach

We initially worked with the entrepreneur owner to empower her in transforming the business from "getting work, and getting it out" to a more stable business model and more formal business functions such as job management and contract negotiation. This client could not accept adversarial situations, so we helped her hone her strengths to create workable, harmonious, consistent, and responsible relationships where she felt really connected with her clients, including setting boundaries and proper expectations. All of this helped to give the firm a little "breathing" room. From there, we went on to define what a sustainable business model with ideal clients looks like.


The Result

Within the first 3 years, annual sales rose 343%. SBS is now considered part of the firm's professional team, and ongoing coaching helps them to keep on top of their game and turn new challenges into opportunities as they arise.



Case Study 2


A Former Corporate Sales Agent Vies for Top Seat in Largest Regional Charity Organization



An Arizonan philanthropist gave up corporate life in sales for personal and professional reasons. On the professional side, she wanted to replace her success in corporate sales with success in her role of volunteerism. For her, success was defined as becoming the Chairwoman of the Board for the largest fund raising charity in the metropolitan area. With all her previous monetary success, she did not accrue leadership experience. This was her challenge and she had her sights set high.


Our Approach

Our strengths based approach started with an assessment of the client's core strengths. These do not tell anyone how they will do in a particular role, rather how they can best approach the role. We determined how the client could apply her strengths to a leadership role and where she could practice this new approach. We then co-created a strategy for obtaining the position she had set her sights on.  The client had previously been involved in the organization at the committee level. We worked out a leadership progression plan, where she got plenty of opportunity to demonstrate what she does best while providing tremendous value of the organization. During the execution of the plan, we provided supportive leadership coaching to help her past the hurdles.


The Results

The client "took her chair" within two years! She governed with excellence. She was responsible for one of the most successful fundraising years ever for the organization. And her bonus was to be asked by the organization founders to be the first one ever to join them by taking a lifetime seat on their organizations special advisory board. Success surpassed!    



Case Study 3


A Communications Services Firm Gets a New Lease on Life with a New Marketing Approach



A communications services firm serving large multi-national corporations went from a comfortable marketing referral affiliation to struggling with traditional marketing approaches  that just didn't seem to fit the nuances of their market. The founders of the company both admitted at the outset that marketing was not their personal forte, and developed a  relationship with another service provider in their market, that provided them with referrals. After this relationship lived out its life, the founders tried several marketing firms over the years to assist their marketing efforts, to no avail. Each firm had an "approach", but none seemed to really understand their market, and so their particular "expertise" never worked. After one founder retired, the other felt at a loss as to how to build their market back up and any marketing effort was  dreaded drudgery. The recession was not helping and he was struggling with his interest in the business.


Our Approach

SBS first and foremost works with each client to help them attack their situation from a position of strength. We worked with the founder to help him realize his core strengths and talents. Then we asked the important question: How could you use those strengths and talents, not usually thought of as marketing strengths or expertise, and design a marketing approach that speaks to your clients, and is fun to do? This popped the lid to a whole container of ideas, and a flurry of activity was set in motion.

In this case, we also helped to shine a new light on what the  founder saw as his options for the future of the business. Possibilities not previously conceived created a new current of energy for the business.


The Result

Once the lid was popped, synchronous events started happening. With the new energy, the founder joined some professional groups, made some new and different marketing affiliations. He started to look into sales techniques and teachings to find areas where the company's core strengths and talents could be incorporated. The founder learned how to work with marketing firms in a new way, using their strengths which complemented those of his own company. As a result, a whole new, original marketing campaign was launched which addresses the nuances of the market. This new approach also utilizes technology in a way that makes it both more sustainable and cost effective.  And, the founder gets to "play" at one of his favorite avocations, as a key component of this customized approach! 


(Please revisit this webpage, as more case studies will be added soon.)