The business case for sustainability being good for business has been made by many world-renowned experts!



So, if you are on board with the basic principles but struggling with:


  • how to get started
  • where to focus your energies and resources
  • how to integrate it into your business
  • how to ensure the sustainability of your business while contributing to world sustainability
  • how to lead your organization through extensive changes or
  • how to create order out of the chaos of this face-paced world while running a profitable business,


Then the Systainership™ Program can help you create:


  • foundational building blocks
  • business focus
  • innovation
  • a sustainability lens
  • new horizons
  • new energy and passion
  • systems thinking
  • critical success factors and
  • a strategy for bridging the gap


To realize these advantages:


  • Driving new business value
  • Growing long-term triple basis profitability
  • Motivated employees dedicated to achieving the company's profitability and stewardship goals
  • Translating complex data into effective communications that build loyal relationships
  • Benefiting from aligned eco-socio-collaborations
  • Embracing sustainable change
  • Repeating success!


The Systainership Program.


IF you are feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of growing your business and being sustainable...

Your business is on a rollercoaster with economic swings. Customers want to know more about what you are doing to preserve the environment. Your company has been working on basic energy conservation, but you know that is only the tip of the iceberg. Wal-Mart has initiated its Sustainability Index. You fear it is only time before other retailers do the same, and worry if your business products will meet the requirements to be put on their shelves. Your stockholders are wanting greater value from their shares in both the short and long-term horizons. Employee morale is low, turnover is high, and training costs are skyrocketing with no loyalty. All this leaves you wondering where to go from here.


Then gain focus and control and move forward sustainably...

Systainership™,  an innovative program for sustainable leadership, can help you regain control and lead your business forward in a sustainable way. It has four major components to support business leaders striving to grow triple-based profitability. These four components are: the foundational stucture and practices of Systainership™, the Systainership™ Officer's Club, the Systainership™ Log,  and Systainership™ Fast-Track Executive Coaching.


Systainership™ - The Leadership Building Blocks

W. Edwards Deming was a statistician, professor, and consultant, reknowned for his teachings adopted by post-WW II Japanese industries which helped them turn their economy around. He professed that if you can't explain what you are doing as a process, then you don't know what you are doing. Systainership™ integrates the wisdom of the ages, philosophies of leadership gurus, and principles of sustainability into a cohesive system. Systainership™ is composed of 3 leadership directives, with all functions fully integrated and scaled to the small-to-medium-sized company.


The Systainership™ Officer's Club

The Systainership™ Officer's Club is a facilitated, mastermind group of business leaders sharing their insights and challenges in leading their organization to a sustainable future. Napoleon Hill, in his famous book Think and Grow Rich, shares his findings that people emulate those they spend time with and the most successful people were involved in mastermind groups. The most famous examples are Henry Ford and Pablo Picasso. Your Systainership™ Officer's Club can be an internal corporate group, or an inter-corporate group of top business leaders - each powerful in its own way to help you move your business forward. Systainership™ Officer's Club meetings use a comprehensive dashboard report, which contains your Systainership™ Log, to keep the meetings focused and efficient, and leverage everyone's knowledge.


The Systainership™ Log

The Systainership™ Log is a high-level, consolidated report that defines, supports and directs the focus of your leadership toward success. It shows the readings of the core navigational instruments of your company. It is in a very consistent, concise format, easy for others to read in just a moment and be up to speed to help you generate new ideas on your most pressing issues.


Systainership™ Fast-Track Executive Coaching

The Systainership™ Fast-Track Executive Coaching is for business leaders who want to push the envelope of accelerating the growth of their company's sustainable profitability. One-to-one executive coaching supports them in doing that.



Getting Started with Systainership™

The first step in the Systainership™ Program is to become acquainted with this system for sustainability leadership. The Green CEO: Leadership that Drives Profit and Sustainability, by Lynn VanLeeuwen, provides the introduction to this system, along with great examples, references, system diagrams and a quick guide. This book is available through national booksellers. 


Next steps

Once you are familiar with the system, you may start applying it in your dayp-to-day leadership practices. We have three ways to assist you in doing this. You may choose one, two, or all three methods at the same time.

A sequential appoach could be to next work with our Systainership™ Log. Here you will get experience in defining the critical success factors for your business. This is a software tool that helps you define, track and monitor the sustainable overview of your company's status and triple-based profitability goals. You may want to work with this a bit within your company to get a start on this before joining one of our Systainership™ Officers' Clubs where you can collaborate on ideas for acheiving the real sustainability potential for your business and how to do that. Or, you may choose to enroll in the Systainership™ Officers' Club at the same time, and expedite your company's journey in defining what it means to ahieve sustainable success. This tool is a requirement of Systainership™ Officers' Club membership, and is used to help focus the facilitation and masterminding that occurs there. Once you sign up, you will be provided with the Systainership™ Log User Manual to get you started. You may




Gaining Synergy through Collaboration

It is often lonely at the top of your business, with no one whom you can confide and trust to discuss your most pressing issues with honesty, respect and compassion. We strive to give you an ultimate environment for finding the kind of support you need. Napolean Hill, author of the classic book Think and Grow Rich defined a master mind group as "The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony." And that "No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind]." The Systainership™ Officers' Club is such an opportunity for you to receive this type of expertise leveraging.


Our program is master minding in the purest sense. It does not include training, group coaching, or business networking. It is business leadership experts brainstorming their ideas to benefit one another in a facilitated environment, which makes the whole process efficient and aid accountability. Members are a catalyst to the success of others by conveying their experienc, acting as a devil's advocate when exploring new ideas, and cheering each other on to success. The meeting agenda is set by the members and is conducted within the facilitation guidelines. The members most importantly discuss issues related to their business challenges. As an aid in doing that, they may also discuss how the Systainership System can be utilized to aid their process or how to best define their critical success factors and track their progress using the Systainership Log. 

From participation in a Systainership™ Officers' Club you will:

  • Sharpen your leadership skills
  • Achieve progress in growing the triple-based profitabiltiy of your company
  • Experience a valuable and supportive leadership team
  • Receive honest feedback
  • Gain multiple perspectives from brainstorming
  • Identify your blind spots
  • Leverage the experience and best practices of other highly qualified leaders into your business
  • Have your own business dashboard to help you communicate, get insight, plan, and take action
  • Have accountability partners
  • Learn more about yourself as the leader you strive to be
  • Be bolstered to maintian a positive attitude by your group 
  • Be lifted by sharing your endeavor with others
  • Gain fulfilllment from providing the same assistance to others in your group
  • Be part of something larger than yourself, which will bring out the best in you

We support Systainership™ Officers' Clubs across industries, across businesses within a single industry, or across divisions/departments of a single business. Let us help you find the right group to support your leadership. Membership is through application only. You may 



Honing Your Sustainability Leadership on the Fast-Track

The Systainership™ Fast-track Executive Coaching can be used in various ways. Combined with any of the above tools and services, it can put you on a faster track to overall business success. When learning the Systainership™ System, executive coaching can augment this learning by providing assistance with the application of the system's sustainability leadership principles to reap all its benefits. With Systainership™ Fast-track Executive Coaching you can also get your company on a faster track to defining and monitoring your company's critical success factors using the Systainership™ Log. Or this coaching can help you to track faster success on achieving the plans and goals you have set out through your participation in one of our Systainership™ Officers' Clubs. If you are participating in more than one of these at a time, the supportive coaching becomes even more synergistic. 

In addition, we have three levels of Systainership™ Fast-track Executive Coaching to meet your leadership needs and the needs of your company. All of our coaching programs begin with a strategy session to determine your goals and our approach. Click here to 



If you are unsure about the best approach for your leadership style, contact us today to learn more about the different components of the Systainership Program and how they may specifically benefit your business to grow its triple-based profitability. Please fill out and submit the form below so we can schedule a followup conversation to do that: 


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