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How do you determine the sustainable success of your business? 


The Potential

Before the days of businesses supporting the sustainability of the environments and communities in which they operate, financial indicators were typically sufficient to monitor and assess the success of a business. Now the definition of success has become more complex, with environmental and community factors to consider.

The Systainership™ Log is a simple sustainability information account of your business developed to assist you in keeping track of a more complex dynamic of your business. This software tool and reporting feature helps you to focus your attention on the most important aspects of your business at any time.  The Systainership™ Log gives you the ability to define, track and monitor any aspect of your triple-based profitability at a level that serves you and those you wish to communicate your information, in one simple report. Further, it provides you the ability to gauge your business performance against your sustainable business vision, a concept that further supports the sustainability of your business model.

Whether you are using complex software systems developed to analyze individual "footprints" of energy, water, carbon emissions, etc. or working off "best guess estimates" of your business indicators, or a combination of both, you can use this system to focus on the key areas of business most important to its sustainable development and growth at a level that makes sense for you and your stakeholders. This "log" is defined by you, for leading yor business. You may define, aggregate, consolidate, or break down information according to your leadership needs. The premise is that you define and track your business critical success factors, as determined by you and your executive team.

Subscription to this software is mandatory for Systainership™ Officers' Club members, as it becomes one part of the dashboard report used to facilitate those master mind meetings.

The Benefits

The true worth of this tool cannot be measured by its commercial value. This tool generates:

  • a more sustainable business model,
  • greater business focus,
  • a comprehensive communication tool,
  • greater balance among your company's profitability and the triple-based elements of your business
  • more confidence as you lead your business with a birdseye view of the information you need
  • an increase in the sustainable growth of your business
  • greater brand recognition and increased sales as it is shared with your customer base
  • greater loyalty among your employees as they strive to achieve the company's sustainable goals.

The Price and our guarantee


This tool is available for $47 per month.


Or, if you would like to sign up to receive a substantial savings, you may prefer our annual single pay option of $499.

Your return on investment will exceed your expectations once you get your company's critical success factors defined and start tracking and monitoring them. If you are not satisfied by the end of the second month, you may receive a full refund of any prepaid fees. 

Upon subscription, you will receive your system access information as well as a copy of the Systainership™ Log User's Manual to help you get started.



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